Apr 162011

Today over on the Dubbhism blog, Tony Dubshot has published a great introduction to microtuning: Xenharmonic tutorial ~ harmonic exploration made easy.

Created for computer musicians who may be new to the topic, and are curious about how to get started exploring the vast expressive potential of making music with alternative intonation systems, the article discusses the use of software synthesizers and the implications of the interactions between musical instrument intonation and timbre.

This is a richly illustrated presentation including streaming audio and video. Check it out, and while there, also consider exploring these xenharmonic Tony Dubshot albums on the Dubbhism label, which have generously been made available for free download:

Tony Dubshot – Dub Experryments
Glamma Woods – Keepin it Steady
Scratchy Dubplate Crew – Scientific Dancehall

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