Apr 262014
Xen-FMTS 2 | Bringing festive xenharmonic sensations to a DAW near you

Today is the the two month mark since since the release of our popular Xenharmonic FMTS 2 VSTi and it’s interesting to consider the download stats at this point:

February: 1,800
March: 2,490
April: 539
Total downloads: 4,829

It’s easy to infer from these figures that there is a very robust and ever growing interest in the exploration and compositional use of alternative musical instrument intonation systems (aka microtonality, just-intonation, xenharmonics, temperaments, microtuning, non-octave tunings, etc.) in computer music, which has been a most thrilling development to see unfolding over the past decade or so.

Very special thanks goes out to the following music technology sites (as well as others not mentioned) for featuring news about the release of this new Xen-Arts instrument:

Thanks also to everyone who has shared their enthusiasm about the plugin and the new 23 record collaboration (both publicly and privately), as well as to members of our creative development and xenharmonic music collective who have made these releases possible.
More good stuff to follow – promise.
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