Sep 102016

Of potential interest and utility to developers, musicians, composers, researchers and enthusiasts alike, is that I’m providing the new Xen-Arts VSTi factory microtuning library in a selection of popular formats:

SCL & KBM, MTS, TUN, KSP, Partials Files


Xen-Arts VSTi Microtuning Library


Categories of microtunings included:

Equal Temperaments


ED2: Equal divisions of harmonic 2

ED3: Equal divisions of harmonic 3

ED4: Equal divisions of harmonic 4

Just Intonation

HD2: Harmonic divisions of 2

HD3: Harmonic divisions of 3

HD4: Harmonic divisions of 4

SD2: Subharmonic divisions of 2

SD3: Subharmonic divisions of 3

SD4: Subharmonic divisions of 4


Wendy Carlos – Alpha (78.0 Cents)

Wendy Carlos – Beta (63.8 Cents)

Wendy Carlos – Gamma (35.1 Cents)

Also included in this archive is thorough documentation in a text-file, which contains information about all of the microtunings and partials files content in a single, concise and easy to read format.

This is the library of 148 basic microtunings that are featured in the new IVOR2 VSTi, and will be included in future Xen-Arts instruments as well. As stated in the documentation for the instruments on offer here, this archive of microtunings does not endeavor the be an all encompassing collection, but is a basic set that can be used by beginners who may be curious about exploring alternative intonation systems in their music, and as an alternative to starting with the overwhelming 4,579 microtunings currently available in the Scala SCL archive. Designed and offered here as a learning device for newcomers to the field of microtonal and xenharmonic tuning as a way to get one’s feet wet before diving into the deep waters of intonation theory and practice.

Please note that the MTS, TUN and KSP formats are mapped with the 1/1 on MIDI Note C.60, and the Reference Pitch at 261.626 Hz. In other words, their base pitches are mapped to Middle C. To learn how to map microtunings to other reference pitches, read this potentially helpful series of tutorials: Microtuning Virtual Instruments

Developers of virtual instruments are free to use this archive in their work if desired. Visitors to this site are also free to distribute this archive as needed if they like.

This archive is also available on the Xen-Arts VSTi page: VSTi

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  2. Sevish,

    We should include your microtuning collection in this upcoming release of XenFont2. Let me know if this is agreeable.

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