VSTi by Xen-Arts

XenFont2 • A Stereo SF2 SoundFont VSTi Featuring AM, XFM, RM & Subtractive Synthesis Functionality With MTS Full Keyboard Microtuning


Xen-FMTS_2Xen-FMTS 2  |  Spectral Microtuning FM Synthesizer


Ivor_UIIvor  |  Microtonal Virtual Analog Synthesizer


XenFontXenFont  |  Microtonal SoundFont Synthesizer



One-SF2 | Stereo SoundFont VSTi


Xen-Arts VSTi Microtuning Library

For developers, musicians, composers, researchers and enthusiasts alike, the new factory microtuning library in a selection of popular formats:

SCL & KBM, MTS, TUN, KSP, Partials Files

This is the library of basic microtunings that are featured in the new IVOR2 VSTi and will be included in future Xen-Arts instruments.

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