Jan 142018

Of special interest to xenharmonic, microtonal and modular synthesis enthusiasts, will be the below recent video interview with our very own friend-in-all-things-xen-bass, Tony Dubshot, where he discusses the cutting edge microtuning technology found in the new Tubbutec µTune microtonal Eurorack module.

Besides being among the most powerful modular synthesis modules for exploring full-keyboard-microtuning since the MOTM-650, the visionary Tubbutec µTune also features a large selection of microtunings from the Scala archive and Sevish, as well as the Xen-Arts VSTi microtuning library featured in the instruments found on this site.

Some amazing sounding related musical and educational examples emanating from the deep-dub-xen-bass zones at Dubbhism:

Tony Dubshot ~ Alle 13 Vals (Xenharmonic Modular Mixx)

Xenharmonic demo | Linear FM timbres

Tubbutec µTune microtonal Eurorack module

Tony Dubshot | Dubbhism



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