May 102015

Exciting news today is a new record release from Sevish, entitled, Rhythm and Xen…

Announcement on the Sevish blog:

Sevish – Rhythm and Xen (out now)

Available on Bandcamp:

Rhythm and Xen | Digital Album

An excellent successor to his earlier xen-bass-n-beats driven Golden Hour effort, Rhythm and Xen is aural cinema for the critical listening and thinking person, with a deep focus on the microtonal, xenharmonic sound-design and engineering details at every level of this fine suite of compositions.

Seemingly deriving inspiration from a veritable kaleidoscope of styles and genres – with an emphasis on expertly structured percussion textures, groove and bass – the record showcases the work of an artist who clearly has deeply integrated the vastly expressive languages of using alternative intonation systems into their craft.

Musicians, composers and theorists working in the field of microtuning and xenharmonics – as well as those curious listeners seeking new sounds – will appreciate that the underlying intonation systems used in music actually invite, and imply, myriad kinds of idiomatic approaches.

For instance, the well-worn sounds of the 12-tone-equal-temperament (ED2-12: the equal division of the second harmonic into 12 equal parts) imply a whole range of historically well-known harmonic, melodic and textural gestures, while for the alternative-intonation-savvy composer, who actively works with pitch as a smooth continuum of compositional possibility, an entirely new and exciting range of expression, emotion, pitch nuance and gesture becomes available, and often a large part of the allure of the sound of microtonal and xenharmonic music is actually found in the idiomatic and intonational re-contextualization of these sounds, as well as our expectations of what we have internalized during a lifetime of listening to the Western ED2-12 system (read sometime for reference David Huron’s great cognitive science book, Sweet Anticipation: Music and the Psychology of Expectation).

This meta-genre idiomatic re-contextualization, and the audible deep-shift of musical resonance in textures created from ensembles of instruments microtuned to non-ED2-12 intonation systems, as well as the boundless vistas of unheard-of-before acoustic phenomena native to this type of music, are among the things to listen for – and revel in – while listening to records such as this inspiring 13-track release from Sevish.

For visitors to these pages, and users of the Xen-Arts VSTi on offer here, many will be aware that one of the underlying themes of this site has always been to offer these musical tools for free (in the same spirit that Manuel Op de Coul does the wonderful Scala application that we all enjoy and rely on for our work), in the hope that music will get made and shared with listeners around the world, thus completing the creative cycle that has traversed a huge range of effort, from the underlying theory, to the final compositional result.

Obviously, it is thrilling beyond compare to be able to hear what is among the best showcases of the Xen-Arts instruments in such finely crafted music. Sevish is no doubt a talent to watch in the years ahead for those discerning listeners seeking new quality music in the xenharmonic and microtonal music genres.

Pick up this record. Highly recommended!

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