Jul 012014

A member of our xenharmonic bass underground and microtonal virtual instrument design group – Sevish – has started producing a collection of MTS microtuning add-on packs which are compatible with the Xen-Arts VSTi line.

So far available are the No Octaves and Eikosany Packs, but in the works are also a World Scales and Regular Temperaments Pack.

Sevish Music - Resources for computer musicians

Visit the Sevish Music | Resources for Computer Musicians page to download these great add-on packs and feel free to let us know how you get on with them, either by commenting in this post, or if you prefer, through private email.


A very public word of thanks goes out to Sevish for the effort to compile these microtunings, along with the nice presentation materials, and making them available to everyone. I’ll personally be looking forward to the other upcoming editions of this series.
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