Jun 142017

Below is an excellent 2014 TEDx talk from trans-culturalist musician, Ross Daly, on the topic of modal music.

For what it may be worth, I personally regard the collective effort of Western microtonality and xenharmonic music, as well as the general ongoing practice and research into alternative intonation systems (just intonation, temperaments, non-octave microtunings, etc.) to be a living manifestation of these sensibilities.

Ross Daly


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  1. great find. i shared but as a link here and suggested others do likewise:)

    • Thanks Kraig.

      Yes – lots of common ground between our worlds. Very inspiring talk, and in the face of the unending tides of ED2-12 music and 12-locked music technologies, it gives one solace that there are actually many in the Western xen-micro-scenes who are doing the good work and at least laying the foundations for a real-world alternative to the 12-think hegemony. I suppose for what we might lack in the form of deep-time traditional background, we make up for with our passion and love of this music in our living time, and as we know, for something like this to grow, it must live through musicians and composers and their body of works.

      Please let me know when the book is published. I’m staged to buy one or more copies when it’s available and am really looking forward to studying it deeply.

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