Jun 162017

Exciting news this week for Eurorack modular-synthesists and alternative-intonation enthusiasts from the visionary engineers of the Ornament & Crime Eurorack synth module, Tim Churches, Patrick Dowling and mxmxmx, which now, with their 1.3.0 firmware update, includes some very impressive microtuning features:

  • Predefined microtonal scales. See the full list at: http://ornament-and-cri.me/predefined_scales/
  • Support for user-defined microtonal scales with up to 16 arbitrary notes per octave (and can thus be subsets of scales with far more than 16 notes per octave).
  • Support for non-octaval scales/microtunings, specifically the Wendy Carlos alpha, beta and gamma microtonal tunings, and the tritaval microtonal tuning, including support for Bohlen-Pierce scales as well as several other tritaval scales.
  • A closed-loop “auto-tune” system which can automatically derive compensation curves for specific VCOs connected to specific pitch CV outputs of O&C, which can dramatically improve the pitch tracking performance of many VCOs, which is an important consideration when working with microtonal tunings and scales.

More Information:

ornament & crime

Explore the impressive and seemingly infinite possibilities for timbre, rhythm and music creation with o_C at the below video and music pages on the ornament & crime site:

o_C video

o_C tracks

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