Nov 252013
Linplug’s Spectral, a fully microtonal tunable, four oscillator additive synthesis VSTi.
Exciting news today for computer musicians and composers exploring the deep sound realms of alternative intonation is the release of LinPlug’s new Spectral VSTi, which like the rest of their amazing synth and sampler virtual instrument line, supports full controller MIDI pitch microtuning with the popular TUN microtuning format.
Spectral is made up of four harmonic additive oscillators with up to 256 partials each, including features for FM, AM and PM. Dedicated filters for each of the four oscillators are also available, with deep graphic timbral shaping features for all. Vast modulation possibilities are available in the Mod Matrix, in which practically every aspect of the synthesis engine can be variously modulated for continuously evolving complex timbre creation. At the end of the signal chain is an amazingly versatile effects section for further timbre expansion, featuring LinPlug’s great sounding reverb that includes the very useful host sync’d predelay feature found on many of their other instruments. Spectral is a microtonal sound-designer’s dream synth.
  • Full controller microtuning functionality using the popular TUN format 
  • Four Oscillator and Filter modules with powerful yet detailed harmonics and filter band editing and modification functions
  • Extensive Oscillator and Filter audio rate cross-modulations.
  • Versatile Arpeggiator with in depth editing of every step, including length, transpose, voice number and Glide
  • Each Oscillator and Filter with own dedicated envelope to control its volume or frequency respectively
  • Additional 3 freely assignable Modulation Envelopes.
  • Five LFOs with various waveforms, up to 320 Hz, tempo-sync, poly-, mono- and one-shot-mode, unipolar and bipolar options, integrated delay-attack-envelope, phase, symmetry and smoothing adjustable
  • 15 slot Modulation Matrix with 35 sources and more than 100 destinations including all important parameters
  • Fully recognizes Velocity, Aftertouch, Pitch Bend , Modulation-Wheel and various other MIDI controllers
  • A sophisticated effects section containing 15 Effects including various Delays, Chorus, Phaser, Filter, Reverb, Flanger, Gator, Stereo Enhancer, Parametric EQ and Crusher.
  • Glide / Portamento featuring mono/polyphonic operation, constant Time / Rate operation, Auto-Bend Modes and detailed options on where Glide takes place
  • 32-voice polyphony (CPU and sound program dependent) and adjustable voice limit.
  • Supports AU and VST hosts on Mac OS X and Windows PC.
  • Scaleable user interface on PC
  • Comes with 850 presets to get you started
As many who have followed the development of fully microtonal virtual instruments over the years will be aware, LinPlug has supported microtuning since 2005 when it was first added to their amazing CronoX 3 VSTi, so it is always thrilling to see these new additions to their line. Very special thanks goes out to Peter Linsener and Pavo for the hard work and dedication that went into this great sounding instrument.
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  2 Responses to “New Microtonal VSTi Released | LinPlug Spectral”

  1. unfprtunately the glide doesn’t work properly if you microtune

  2. Welcome Drof,

    That’s an interesting observation. Have you contacted LinPlug to make them aware of this behavior?

    It’s highly likely that Peter would fix it right away. Please let me know about the outcome, and I will try to check this soon as well.

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