Jan 082017

Our longtime friend in all things Xen, Brian Ginsburg, has published his Hebdomad browser-based instrument, which enables playing a selection of heptatonic microtunings using the computer keyboard. Explore the project here:


Info about Hebdomad

Firefox and Chrome are suggested browsers for the program and I enjoyed exploring this fascinating instrument with the former. It works great and I look forward to more tools of this nature, and clearly this is a good concept for musicians who may be new to the field of alternative musical instrument intonation systems, and who are looking for a way to hear some basic microtunings without having to hassle with DAWs and plugins as a first step.

The potential and implications for browser-based instruments that feature microtuning functionality is huge; especially considering their utility and immediacy as educational tools. For these reasons, I look forward to more of this kind of creative coding for exploring and demonstrating the vast possibilities of alternative intonation systems.

Hebdomad also gets a mention in Web Audio Weekly newsletter:

Web Audio Weekly | Issue 73

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