Feb 072016

Among the most exciting facets of developing the Xen-Arts VSTi line, is when musicians and composers get in touch to make us aware of their work that incorporates these computer music tools into their compositions and workflows, and such is the case when we recently heard from composer and front-man, Justin Curfman, with the talented group, Feeding Fingers, who shared the below video of a song that will be featured on an upcoming triple vinyl album scheduled for release on Tuesday, February 9, titled, Attend.

Feeding Fingers – Where All of These Towns and Choices End – Official Video

It’s a great sounding track, and as one can easily hear, showcases excellent composition, mixing, sound-design and professional engineering skills all around.

Of potential interest to computer musicians and composers, is Justin states that this track prominently features the use of the Xen-Arts, Ivor and Xen-FMTS2 VSTi.

Visit the band’s site:

Feeding Fingers

As one can see, the fold-out sleeve design for, Feeding Fingers – Attend, looks stunning. Everyone at Xen-Arts looks forward to following their music ahead. Truly exciting times!

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