Nov 052017

Of special interest to xenharmonic music enthusiasts will be the upcoming LP from Justin Curfman’s group, Feeding Fingers, entitled, Do Owe Harm, scheduled for release in January 2018. Check out the official video for the track, Fontanelle, spectacularly directed & animated by motion graphic and visual artist Steven Lapcevic:

Justin has provided some insightful information about his microtuning strategy for this and the other tracks on the record, as featuring 17-EDO (17 tone equal temperament), the MTS microtuning enabled Korg Monologue, fretless bass, a guitar-neck from xenharmonic guitarist and luthier, Ron Sword, as well as a selection of Xen-Arts VSTi, describing the intonational approach as ‘polytonal’…

All of which work together with the impeccable engineering, sound-designs, excellent vocal and ensemble performances, to create a shimmering deep-xen atmosphere. These are some really fresh xenharmonic sounds and I will be looking forward to picking up the record when available next month.

Feeding Fingers | Website

Feeding Fingers – Do Owe Harm | Bandcamp

Tephramedia | YouTube Channel


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